United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


  • Implement virtualized server to manage firewall, voice over IP data and other internal services.
  • Implemented project website (http://gefcrew.org)  on Joomla content management system (CMS)
  • Implemented data collection web based system (http://getinfo.gefcrew.org) for project to assist with collection of registration, survey and other project related data.
  • Created a meeting document management system which can be found at http://www.carrcu.org/meetings-events
  • Creation of online laboratory which can be found at http://www.carrcu.org/


  • Provide system administrator services for UNEP-Caribbean Regional Coordinating Unit (CAR/RCU) local area network (LAN) and user support.
  • Provide Webmaster Administrator services for Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) website, intranet and website of affiliated projects and activity centres.
  • Provide information technology support services to CEP information sharing and knowledge networks.
  • Provide information technology support services to CEP Intergovernmental and Technical Meetings and other sub-programme activities, initiatives and projects.
  • Act as information technology focal point for CAR/RCU