CITI Financial


  • Created a web GUI used in checkout process after an upgrade.
  • Created an Outlook plugin (.NET) to speed the process of creating ServiceNow Request issue tickets.
  • Implemented Outlook plugin to auto populate ServiceNow Request Ticket based on select email(s).
  • Created an Outlook plugin (.NET) which automate daily tasks and help with monitoring.
  • Create a middleware to integrate Excel based checkouts with Microsoft GroupChat (.NET C#)
  • Wrote a script (PERL) which parses multiple UNIX application log files and outputs CSV which details status of multiple applications and processes.
  • Created scripts which helps with day to day monitoring.


  • Rollout of applications/updates from development to testing environment (Unix and Windows)
  • Monitor application log and system resources to ensure application and system health
  • Analyse and troubleshoot UNIX applications through the use of application logs files, SharePoint knowledge base and help the of development team where necessary.
  • Manage a variety of databases which include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase
  • Rollout of applications/updates from testing to production environment(Unix and Windows)
  • Creation of customized reports
  • Scripting to automate procedures and help in day to day activates
  • Provide support to end users via telephone, remotes connection or face to face.